Hilston Park Day 1

What a day! We left school just after 8:30am (Mrs Robinson’s class and half of Mrs Hollings’ class) ready for our first night at Hilston Park. We arrived shortly after 9:20am and were met by Rick, one of the centre managers. He gave us an introduction to the venue and introduced us to Seb and Dan, two other members of staff.

The children were then shown to their dorm rooms. The girls ‘rule’ the East wing of the house and the boys ‘rule’ the West wing! They were given their bedding and had to make their own beds – it was quite a sight watching some of them battling with their bed-sheets! After a quick unpack and a short time to settle in, we had a fire drill and then placed our orders for tea; a choice of jumbo fish-fingers, pizza, chips and jacket potato.

Then it was time to take care of lunch! The children were taken into the dining room and made their own packed lunches. There were a variety of rolls and sandwich fillings for them to choose from: Tuna, Cheese, Pickle, Jams, Salad. Some of the children got more butter on their hands than they did on their bread roll!

After that, it was time for the activities. The children were split into three groups and then went off to each of the three activities. This year, we’re doing climbing, archery and the high-ropes course. Each group have completed two of the activities and will do the final one tomorrow morning. We were so so so proud of all of the children, whether they reached the top of the climbing wall, or not. The theme for the weekend is very much perseverance, team-work and encouragement, which they children are all doing brilliantly! Some were really nervous the minute their feet came off the floor, but each time they had a turn, they got further and further up the climbing wall. Keya and Abbie were definitely the star climbers of the morning, and although I hate to say it, Courtney beat me to the top of the wall! The high-ropes course had a gigantic log to climb up and then a high tightrope going from one tree to the other, which the children had to walk across. Some shot across it, others treaded more slowly and steadily. The children have loved the archery! Harvey was the star archer who shot a bullseye several times!

At tea-time, it was clear that the children had worked up an appetite throughout the day as we watched them devour their fish-fingers and pizza!

This evening, Mr Rees came to join us and we took all the children for a tour of Skenfrith Castle. After a story from Mr Rees, the children did an orienteering course around the castle, then we came back to play in the games room.

The rain just about held off, today, though we did get a little wet at the castle. We’re hoping for another dry day tomorrow!

All the children are now safely wrapped up in their beds, though it looks like it’ll be some time until they’re asleep! I shall be doing the rounds to confiscate the Haribo sweets they’re still eating, shortly! Time for another cup of coffee I think!

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