Hilston Park Day 2

Another brilliant day, today! After a very late night last night, we allowed the children a little lie-in this morning…until 7:30am! It brought the teachers great joy, banging on the doors to wake everyone up, after being kept up so late, last night!

After a quick shower, it was tidy up time, ready for the room inspection! Children had to strip their beds, fold their sheets, hoover their rooms and empty their bins.

Then we had to make our rolls for lunch. Children had improved a lot since their first attempts yesterday and the butter was actually being spread on the rolls today, rather than their hands and the tables! The award for the most interesting sandwich making technique definitely goes to Morrie! Children then put their packed lunches into their group’s box, ready for lunch time.

Breakfast followed the packed-lunch making session and it was delicious! Cereal and toast to start, followed by sausages, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and spaghetti. We then did an amazing job of cleaning the dining room; the cook said it now looked cleaner than ever had before.

At 9am, it was time for the dreaded room inspection! Children quickly whizzed around with the hoover to gain extra points…that was until Harvey managed to block it! Everyone passed the room inspection, however, with flying colours!

At 9:30am, it was time for each group to complete their final activity. One group did the climbing, one group did the high-ropes and the other group did Archery. Mr Ryan and Mr Mansfield took on the children’s teams in archery but lost miserably! Neve had two bulls-eyes and Kelsey managed to pop the balloon.

After their final activity, the tuck shop was opened and the children bought sweets and souvenirs. Whilst we sat and had lunch on the back lawn in the scorching sun, Mrs Orford and Mrs Lewis arrived with group number 2 (Mr Mansfield and Mrs Lewis’ Class and the other half of Mrs Hollings’ Class). There was time for a few quick games of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and a final photo on the stairs, before we said a very emotional goodbye to Group 1. There were many comments such as ‘This has been the best holiday ever’ and ‘I never want to leave this place’ as they boarded the coach for the journey home.

Group 2 had their induction talk and were shown to their rooms. They seem far more lively than group 1, but we’ll soon tire them out!!

After a quick fire drill, it was straight onto activity number 1. Children were split into three groups and assigned to a teacher. Mr Mansfield’s group did the high-ropes, Mrs Lewis’ did the climbing and Mrs Hollings’ did the archery. All the children were amazing and really persevered to overcome any fear of heights! Just like group 1, some took the climbing in their stride, others were a little more nervous… and some were just crazy – Elle started doing gymnastic moves along the high-wire, 20ft off the ground (with a harness on!!) 

At tea time, as yesterday, it was a choice of fish fingers, pizza, chips and jacket potato for the children,  and meatballs in a chilli sauce, for the staff. Mr Rees and Mrs Orford came up to spend the evening with us and once again, we took the children to Skenfrith Castle for a special story time with Mr Rees. He told us about the three castles, three brothers and the battle between the Normans and the Welsh. The children then completed an orienteering exercise, around the castle, lead by Mrs Hollings. Then we hoped on the minbus for Mr Rees to drive us all back…all except for Mr Ryan that is, who decided he wasn’t worn out enough from the activities today, and jogged back to Hilston House.

We’ve now just arrived back and the children are playing games and trying to sneak sweets past the teachers! Off to take on some of the children in a game of table tennis now! I’ll let you know how I do! We’re having a great time and we’re taking good care of all your precious children; they’re great! Really going to miss them next year!

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