Posting our Letters to Santa

Y3 have had a very exciting morning! We have recently been working on our letter-writing skills and thought that with Christmas approaching, writing a letter to Santa would be the perfect opportunity to put our writing skills to good use! When our letters were finished, we folded them and put them into envelopes, wrote Santa’s address on the front and took them to our local Post Office.  We had a great walk over there (although it was a very cold morning) and really enjoyed buying the stamps – we even asked for our stamps in Welsh!

After sticking our stamps to our envelopes, we all queued up and posted our letters into the post-box. They will be collected by the postman at 5:30pm this evening!

It was wonderful to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they dropped their letter into the box. It was also a good opportunity to practice counting their money. The second-class stamp was 54p, so we were able to talk about all the different ways for making up 54p out of coins.

We’re all really excited to see what Santa brings us this year!

Why not get a little bit Christmassy and join us on our trip to the Post Office…

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