The Mystery of the Missing Meal


Mr Mansfield has allowed me to take over the reigns for our latest blog!
We’ve just landed at Rwanda Airport in Kigali after our 8 hour flight from Amsterdam. We’ve been well looked after by the flight crew, who have brought us a range of drinks and snacks throughout the flight.

Within an hour into the flight, Mr Mansfield had fallen sound asleep and I had started listening to my audio book and getting some top golf tips from a magazine I bought in the airport! The technology on board isn’t quite as good as ours at St Julian’s; navigating our way through the menus on the TV screens built into the seats has proven to be quite problematic. In the end we’ve only managed to access a map of our route and a stress test! You will all be pleased to know that currently my stress levels are low. I will take the test again on the way home to let you know if spending a week with Mr Mansfield has had an effect on them!

Prior to our trip, Mr Mansfield had been telling me about a time on a flight where he ended up eating someone else’s meal, by accident. I thought I would take the opportunity of Mr Mansfield sleeping to give him a taste of his own medicine. The flight attendant delivered our meals whilst he was still dozing so I quickly swapped his meal with a fellow traveller, who had finished their food already. When Mr Mansfield woke up, he was devastated to see two empty trays of food in front of us. He immediately thought I had eaten his meal and couldn’t believe it! Before he got too upset, I came clean and got him his meal back. Hopefully next time, he’ll be more careful before eating someone else’s food!

Aside from that, we are just looking forward to getting to Uganda now. We have a connecting flight from Rwanda to Uganda and then a relaxing evening before our adventure really starts tomorrow. We can’t wait to get to our school and work with the children out there; hopefully we’ll have some fantastic stories to update you with!

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