We’ve Arrived!

We’re here! Can’t believe we’re finally in Uganda. We arrived at the airport at about 10:20pm (we’re 2 hours ahead), but couldn’t get off the plane immediately because Annabel had lost her phone! (First her pillow and then her phone!!!) Naturally, Mr Prewett and I came to the rescue and searched high and low, crawling around the aisle on our bellies, looking under seats. After ten minutes of searching, Mr Prewett found the phone in the overhead locker. That’s another favour that Annabel owes us!!

Upon arrival at the airport, we were sprayed with some disinfectant and given a form to fill out, to declare that we did not have any diseases! We passed through border control, who took our temperatures and questioned us about our visit. We then collected our baggage and headed out to the front of the airport, where Apollo, the legend, met us! He is such a nice chap!!

He took us out to a rather old looking minibus and then we loaded our cases onto the roof. Again, because of my atheletic physique, Mr Prewett took a back seat whilst I did all the lifting!

We travelled for around 15 minutes in the minibus, driven by James, who did a great job dodging all the ‘Boda Bodas’ (motorbikes).

We then arrived at our hotel for the evening, before we embark on our 5-hour drive to Mbale, tomorrow. The hotel is great. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not quite the Celtic Manor, but we have a bed and a mosquito net! Even Wifi, albeit a little slow!
Mosquitos are everywhere, so we’ve covered ourselves in ‘Jungle Formula’, courtesy of Mr Watts, the Caretaker, and Mrs Williams!

We’re soooo tired, so about to go to bed! We’ll try to update tomorrow, but not sure how much internet connection we’ll be able to find. Goodnight!!

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