Y5 Trip to Boulders

Today, Year 5 had their end of year visit to Boulders Climbing Centre in Cardiff. The children were a little quiet on the coach on the way there, partly because it was so hot and partly because they were a little nervous about what to expect when they arrived! Mrs Hard however, was super excited and couldn’t wait to start!

When we arrived, the children were given a safety talk and were each fitted with a harness. After being split into groups of 8, with an instructor each, we began our challenges. Each group had to complete a range of team-building tasks and had to work together, communicating and problem solving, to complete the tasks against the clock. Some groups had to get a ladder to balance using just ropes and then climb to the top to “Reach the Stars”. The other groups had two islands of crates which they had to swing between to ‘cross the river’.

When climbing the walls, every pupil had the opportunity to climb, abseil and belay. There were a range of different walls to climb and pupils only had to go as high as they felt comfortable. Everyone hit personal goals; some children were petrified when they started but overcame their fear and still managed to go right up! It was also a great trust builder, knowing that our friends at the bottom were responsible for helping to get us down safely (along with the instructors).

A great day was had by all – even Mrs Cooke tried hard (but Oliver did overtake her!)



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