Y6 Transition Day 2015

This afternoon, our Y6 pupils attended the first of three transition days at St. Julian’s Comprehensive School. At 11:30am, we had a quick lunch and then walked over to the Comprehensive school. When we arrived, the pupils were taken to sit in the school hall, along with Y6 pupils from other schools.

Mr Evans, the headteacher, welcomed the new pupils and gave a brief introduction to the school. Mr Price then read out the new class-lists and children found out which forms they will be in.  Children were then taken by their new form teachers and given a tour around the school. They also played games to get to know each other, and listened to older pupils talk about their time at the school.

At the end of the afternoon, the Y6 teachers collected their pupils from the hall and walked them back to our school. We were thrilled to hear lots of the children talking about the new friends they had made.

Y6 pupils will walk to St. Julian’s Comprehensive School , by themselves, tomorrow and Wednesday.

There is a parents’ evening tonight at 17:00 and 17:40 at St. Julian’s Comprehensive School. For more information, go to www.stjuliansschool.com.

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