Year 2 Autumn B: My Wish for the World

This half term our theme has been ‘My Wish for the World.’ At the beginning of the topic we watched a video about ‘The Global Goals.’ We then came up with our own wish for the world. There were lots of different wishes across the year group. Here are a few:I wish that everyone has a home to live in.I wish that everyone would recycle more.I wish that trees would stop being cut down. I wish that everyone would plant more.I wish that no-one was poor.We did lots of work around each wish. We read the story ‘The Messy Magpie’ and talked about rubbish and recycling. We wrote a report called ‘All about litter.’ We learnt lots about recycling and did a tally of recycling in our home. We looked at what materials our rubbish is made of and sorted it into different categories. We got into teams and had a recycling relay race, sorting the rubbish into the correct recycling boxes. It was so much fun! We designed posters and booklets to tell everybody that CO-OP shops are now recycling crisp packets, we sent boxes to each class to see who could recycle the most!  We will take the crisp packets to the CO-OP to recycle. We looked at the benefits of planting and growing our own fruits and vegetables and planted some onions and broad beans. We researched Christmas Jumper Day and created a leaflet explaining where the donations go.   

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