Year 2 Spring Term 2

We have had a very busy half term with the second part of our theme ‘Soaring High and Diving Deep.’  We had a fantastic time on our first trip this year at Slimbridge and learnt so much about different birds. We were given challenges to complete at home to receive a certificate and badge and we were so lucky to be given free tickets to return. We had a visit from Falconry UK and we got to hold different birds of prey and learnt loads of facts about them. We have learnt so much about penguins this half term. We looked at the different types of penguins and where they live. We wanted to find out how penguins keep warm in their cold climate so we researched this and found out that they have a layer of fat under their skin called blubber. So we used what we learnt to carry out an experiment to test it. We investigated why penguins have waterproof feathers by colouring in a penguin picture using wax crayons and then spraying it with water. We wanted to know how penguins swim so we researched lots of different information about how penguins learn to swim, why they are good at swimming and how fast they swim. We made 3D penguins using clay and used a range of tools to add the flippers, bill and eyes. The story we have focussed on this half term is ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We predicted what we thought would happen in the story, asked questions to the penguin and boy during hot seating and used story language to retell the story. We thought about what the penguin may have said in the story and used the Chatterpix app to show this. We came up with a new character that the boy could meet and created our own innovated stories with our new characters. We watched the film version of ‘Lost and Found’ and compared the film version to the story. In Mathematics and Numeracy we have recapped on doubles and halves. We have also been learning about halves and quarters in practical situations and how to share/divide by 2, 4, 5 and 10.  We had a Zumba session with Zoe and loved learning lots of dances. We cannot wait to see what the Summer term brings. 

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