Year 2 Spring term A 2022

The first part of our theme ‘Soaring High’ has come to an end. We have answered all of the questions that the children asked at the beginning of the term and more. The children have had plenty of opportunities to research the birds that they see on a day to day basis in their gardens. The children have sorted birds into their bird groups, ordered birds by size and weight, completed bird fact files, learnt about the lifecycle of a bird, labelled a bird’s features, looked at bird habitats, found out where birds have been sighted around the world, looked at endangered birds and made bird feeders.

For Expressive Arts this half term we created bird art in the style of Ashley Percival, we sketched a red kite after looking at how they were once endangered in Wales and sketched our favourite garden birds looking at line and texture. We have designed and created a shield for our Eisteddfod after half term.

We have read some wonderful stories linked to our theme including; Owl Babies and The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. We have researched owls, what they look like, what they eat, types of owls and how they hunt and created a report with the information.

We also had some very special visitors this half term. At the start of the half term some eggs arrived in school. We put the eggs in an incubator and over the next few days they started to hatch. The children in each class took it in turns to view the chicks hatching, it was an incredible experience. After all the chicks had hatched we were able to move them to the brooder box where each class took turns to feed, hold and clean out the chicks. We learnt so much about the hatching process and impressed Mr. Mansfield with our knowledge!

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