Year 2 Summer A Update

This half term we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and fossils through our topic “THE LAND BEFORE TIME!”. 

We kicked off our topic with a rather strange discovery…a GIANT dinosaur footprint on our play yard and some dinosaur eggs too! We couldn’t believe the size of the footprint so we decided to measure it and then estimated how many of our shoes we would be able to fit inside. Let’s just say…we hope we don’t run into a T-Rex anytime soon! 

There are so many wonderful things we have loved learning about during this topic. We have enjoyed finding out about the different species of dinosaur, comparing their sizes and even studied the differences between the Jurassic, Triassic and Creataceous periods! We also became palaeontologists and carried out our own fossil dig with a chocolate chip cookie. It was so much fun! 

We were then lucky enough to have a fantastic visit from DINOMANIA who showed us so many amazing dinosaurs, including a HUGE T-Rex! This made us want to see even more life-size dinos so Fonmon Castle was booked and off on the coach we went. The weather was glorious and we thoroughly enjoyed going on a dinosaur trail, learning more about the Welsh dinosaur ‘Dracoraptor’, visiting the ‘Raptor Pit’, watching an interactive dinosaur show and we even got to dig for some fossils ourselves! 

As if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we also competed in our Year 2 Sports Day and loved every minute. 

To wrap up a very exciting term, we put on a fabulous show in our Year 2 class assembly. We told the children in the infants all the facts we had learnt about dinosaurs, played a dino musical composition, performed a dino drama, displayed our super artwork and even sang a song! You can check out our performance here:

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