Year 5 Spring A

What a fun packed, quick and busy term we have had in Year 5! Our term kicked off looking at space where your young astronauts embarked on an incredible journey into the vast universe of learning.  Little minds expanded as they harnessed the power of the internet to explore fascinating facts about planets. The enthusiasm was contagious as they curated their own space infographics, showcasing their newfound celestial knowledge.  To add a symphonic touch to our cosmic adventure, the children tuned in to Gustav Holst’s “The Planets Suite.” Inspired by the majestic “Mars, the Bringer of War,” they channelled their creativity to craft captivating poetry that echoed the intensity of interplanetary battles.  But the excitement didn’t stop there! Our young coders embraced the challenge of programming with Scratch. Their mission? To create reaction time games, testing their astronaut-worthy reflexes. It was a blast to witness their determination and creativity as they coded their way to becoming future space explorers.  

Building on their knowledge of the Chartists, our students stepped into the shoes of history once more, unravelling the compelling narrative of the Suffragettes. Their fascination grew as they discovered the challenges women faced at the turn of the last century, fighting valiantly for a right we often take for granted today – the right to vote.   Fueling the flames of passion, our Year 5 class engaged in a thought-provoking debate. The classroom echoed with well-researched arguments, and the fervent exchange of ideas showcased the depth of understanding your children have developed. Their articulate expressions mirrored the impassioned voices of those who fought for equality in the past.

We continued our exploration by delving into the wonders of the ocean in our theme, ‘Secrets of the Deep.’ We have had lots of fun exploring the different wonders of the ocean. We began by learning all about the different continents and oceans of the world, the continent song (which can be found on YouTube) is now a firm favourite in the year 5 classrooms! Following this, we learnt all about the seven marine wonders of the world, we researched facts about the Great Barrier Reef, Mariana Trench, The Red Sea and many more and used the information to create infographics! We looked closely at the different layers of the ocean, learning all about the different animals that can be found in each layer. We have really enjoyed exploring the different animals of the ocean and we clearly have some animal fanatics in year 5!

We looked into the Titanic disaster and we were very impressed to hear lots of facts that the children already knew. It was kicked started with an online, interactive session from Southampton SeaCity Museum with a Titanic expert who knew everything about the disaster! We had some really interesting discussions surrounding this. After looking at survivor statements and facts and figures, we created our own newspaper articles all about the disaster. Children also used their maths and ICT skills to create databases, looking at the number of survivors who made it onto the lifeboats. They were able to use formulas on Google Sheets to calculate the percentage of people on each of the boats. This information really shocked and moved the children.

National Storytelling Week was a great opportunity for pupils to read a wide variety of short stories written by other children for the BBC 500 Words competition. The stories featured were chosen for their creative and imaginative qualities; children were encouraged to indulge in the simple pleasure of reading – independently or with a friend.

We can’t wait for all we have planned for the next half term! Enjoy your week break.

Team Y5

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