The Year 3 and 4 yard was very busy this lunchtime, with VOICE club opening the 2017-18 Dojo Shop.  Before VOICE club had time to set up the shop, a queue of pupils had started to form on the bottom yard.

The new reward poster was shown in assembly last week and these are displayed in all classrooms. Children were very excited to spend their Dojos, which they collect for good behaviour and good work.  Some of the old rewards were still available e.g. Dojo stickers and Dojo medals but also some exciting new rewards e.g. Hot chocolate with the Headteacher and a lucky dip.  

VOICE club organised the chrome books and rewards ready for the grand opening.  The Chair of VOICE club was proud to cut the red ribbon and declare the shop open! The Y3/4 pupils were very excited and eager to swap their points for prizes.  VOICE members checked on the chrome books to see how many points each pupil had and then took the points off once the children had spent their Dojo points.  

Mrs Orford and Mrs Sier were so proud of how well the members worked as a team to hand out prizes and how organised they were during the busy lunch hour. Dojo medals and the lucky dip were a huge success and sold out in the hour! Mrs Orford has had to put in an extra order for Dojo medals and will replenish the lucky dip tonight!

VOICE are looking forward to opening the shop for Y5/6 tomorrow lunch time and during afternoon play in the Foundation Phase.  They would like to thank Miss Welsh who has offered to help Mrs Orford and Mrs Sier in opening the Foundation Phase Shop along with some Year 2 pupils.

Keep a look out on Twitter for photos and keep collecting your Dojo points.   VOICE members are going to speak to the pupils and ask them their opinions on the new Dojo shop.  I think all of the comments will be extremely positive after watching this lunchtime.  Keep up the fantastic work VOICE club.

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