RoA Ceremony at St. Julian’s School

This morning, Mr Rees, Mrs Orford and Mr Mansfield were privileged to be invited to attend the Record of Achievement Ceremony for Year 11 pupils, at St. Julian’s Comprehensive School. As we arrived at the school, we were greeted by a number of our past-pupils who were all delighted to see us!

We were then ushered into the school hall, which was all set up ready for the event, with the staff chairs on one side and the pupils’ chairs on the adjacent side, facing the staff. Mr Cole opened the ceremony and invited the Year 11 pupils into the hall to join us. Every single pupil looked incredibly smart; the girls wearing their posh dresses, with their hair up and makeup on, and boys wearing their best suits! It was wonderful to see so many of our past pupils looking so mature and grown-up…it also made the three of us feel very old!

We enjoyed listening to a number of stories from two year 11 pupils who reflected on their time through each year group since primary school and we recognised many of the names they were talking about.

There was then a musical item from Rhiannon, one of our past-pupils. She sang a song with a full rock band playing alongside her! Next was then the turn of the Heads of each House, who retold many funny stories about the pupils, also highlighting some the incredible achievements that many of them had accomplished. We were delighted to hear that many of our past pupils were in the list of sporting greats: Lennon with his rugby and Tommy with his running, just to name a couple!

Following this, a slideshow presentation of pictures was displayed. It was amazing to see how the children had transformed over the past five years and see some of the highlights from their time at St. Julian’s Comprehensive School.

There was then another musical item where Rhiannon returned to the stage and sang a song, accompanied by Mr Edwards (the music teacher). Her voice in this song was absolutely outstanding and we were so proud, remembering how shy she had been throughout primary school.

The pupils were then presented with their Record of Achievement folders and invited to shake the hands of Mr Evans (the Headteacher) and Mr Barker (the Deputy Headteacher).

The ceremony ended with one final lively musical item and then a speech from Mr Evans, who clearly was very proud of all the Year 11 pupils sat in front of him. It was wonderful to hear his encouraging words to the pupils, telling them that although this may be the end of their compulsory time at St. Julian’s Comprehensive, it’s the beginning of the rest of their lives. Many pupils (and teachers) had tears in their eyes as he congratulated them on all that they had achieved.

At the end of the ceremony, there were some refreshments in the side hall and then it was wonderful to have a few photos and a chat with many of the pupils.

Thank you, St. Julian’s High School, for inviting us to be a part of the morning and also for looking after our past pupils, so well.

To the Year 11 pupils – You all looked amazing and we wish you every success for results day during the summer! Have a well deserved break!

  Photo Credit: Mr Beeseley

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